Discover how EzyApps helped Melrose Contracting to
have real-time data on their on-site staff and contractors.






Man hours with no lost-time incident




Melrose Contracting supplies and installs collarbone fascia gutter and metal roofing as well as fibre cement cladding, eaves and frames and trusses to the new residential building market. The company has over 2 decades of experience, providing services in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong and beyond. They teamed up with EZYApps to have real-time data on their on-site staff and contractors.

Transparency in data leads to better safety compliance

Melrose Contracting used to have difficulty communicating safety issues to their on-site staff and contractors. They struggled with a time lag in reporting issues or with lost paper forms. They teamed up with EZYApps to build a dashboard that controlled all their compliance and also a mobile app which helped them evaluate the risk assessments submitted in a real time.

Now with the custom product, Melrose Contracting can access all the legal compliance related documents that are stored in a centralized location. Not only this, everything is easily assessed from the mobile app during a site visit.

Giving access to every document within seconds

The app is user friendly and its available on both iOS and Android devices. With our product loaded on their mobile devices, contractors and other key team members involved in safety initiatives could now stay in the field and walk around the site with their device in hand, run through the checklists and immediately get the information they needed without having to report back to the front office. Some of the core features of our product are as follows:


Ability to submit Site Risk Rules, Site Risk Assessment and Site Audit in real time.


Ability to store all Compliance documents in a centralized repository which is accessible from the mobile app.


Ability to perform on-board Induction from the mobile app.


Ability to manage Risk Assessment Questions from the Cloud-based admin panel.
Allow user-defined Folder and sequence to view the document.


Ability to send Alerts from the Cloud based admin panel straight to the mobile app.
Email notification received upon Passed/Failed assessment.


Option to Customise the system with the help of the in-house development team.

Key statistics

Live since September 2020

Zero downtime since go-live

Total of 5,525+ assessments
submitted since go-live

A total of 170+ users are using the system

Total of 102+ documents uploaded
since go-live

24/7 support of priority issues

“We choose EZYApps through our experience on developing our on-site app and compliance register and found that EZYApp was a perfect fit for Melrose Contracting moving forward with our ERP system. EZYApp communicated very well. Our overall experience with EZYApp was a great experience. They are very trustworthy and they were on point at all times.”
Shane Sini
General Manager & Director
Melrose Contracting