Ward Off Injuries And Minimize Workplace Risks

EZYSafety increases the efficiency of the EZY network by allowing the principal contractors to keep track of ongoing work health and safety compliance by their subcontractors.

Run through the checklists and immediately get the information you need without having to report back to the front office

EZYSafety gives the necessary tools, information services and alerts needed to analyze and convey site risks to workers, subcontractors and their principal contractors. EZYSafety allows builders and subcontractors to completely act in accordance with the Construction work code of practice for construction and maintain the standards of health, safety and welfare required under work health and safety regulations in each State.

Features of EZY SAFETY

EZY HCMS is a software solution that allows payroll, time, and attendance modules to be fully integrated and configured to meet your business needs. It simplifies the process, increases efficiency, and frees up resources, so you can focus on the growth of your business and maximization of profits.



Ability to submit Site Risk Rules, Site Risk Assessment and Site Audit in real time.


Ability to store all Compliance documents in a centralized repository which is accessible from the mobile app.


Ability to perform on-board Induction from the mobile app.


Ability to manage Risk Assessment Questions from the Cloud based admin panel. Allow user-defined Folder and sequence to view the document.


Ability to send Alerts from the Cloud-based admin panel straight to the mobile app. Email notification received upon Passed/Failed assessment.


Giving access to every document within seconds.