Get Paid Faster and On Time with EZYFinance

Using EZYFinance, you can easily send quotations to a potential client, check your payments history, manage all the paid and due invoices of current clients and at the same add new clients as your business grows.

Generate your monthly invoices in seconds. Let us take care of your billing needs!

With EZYFinance, you can easily download the PDF file of any of your invoices. You can print out your invoices too. Our web application takes care of the billing side of your business, while you focus on being productive. It is specifically developed to fulfill the needs of freelancers and small business owners.

benefits of EZY Finance

EZY Finance supports multiple users and even multiple businesses, meaning that it grows with you and your company. In just a few clicks, you can add your new users to your current account and start creating quotations and invoices.


Feature of Eye Trainer

Add as many customers as you want

Our solution allows you to add as many customers as you want to one account. Freelancers and small business owners can easily manage their invoices and quotation without hassle. The great thing about our solution is the ability to retrieve the invoice data whenever you want. The history of your invoices and quotations are also saved so you can view how much money you made in a particular month.

Seamless customer addition process

To successfully create a new customer, all you need to do is add company name, contact name, contact email, address, zip code, contact number, city and country and you can generate as many invoices as you want. You can also send quotations using the same account. Everything that’s been sent from our solution lands directly in the ‘inbox’ of your customer, allowing you to get paid faster for your services or product.

Send invoices to customers

If you send an invoice or quotation to a customer who’s already been added in your EZY Finance account, the process becomes more seamless. Our application makes it easy to send invoices to multiple recipients at the same time. Attach PDF files to show work evidence and various subject line. The amount receivable also gets altered for each customer whenever you send a new invoice.

Supported by PayPal and Stripe

Our payment providers feature makes it easy for your clients to pay through any of their preferred payment methods. EZY Finance supports payment through Paypal, wire transfer, and check. Our security team works day in and day out to ensure all the payments are processed without any hurdles. We also keep a backup of your private data in case of any issues.

Reminders and notifications to clients

This feature makes EZYFinance stand out from every other invoicing product. Once the payment from any of your customers is due, our application automatically sends an invoice to them with your account details. You can customize this email for each customer, add more text, change font, highlight your email and even place links as per your requirements. 

Add multiple businesses in one account

As your business and customer base grows, the need to manage their invoices and billing also increases. With our online invoicing and payments software, you can rest assured that all your new customers are in safe hands. In just a few clicks, you can add multiple businesses in your current EZY Finance account and start creating quotations and invoices for them.

Add unlimited users in one account

Add as many users as you want in one account. Your clients are our top priority and hence we make sure they get the best possible user experience. Make as many transactions as you like and send quotations to prospects. All you need to do is add the name, email, role of each user and the application will consider them as a new user. The great thing about our user feature is the ability to manage the actions of each user.

Create and send invoices

The process of creating an invoice is seamless in EZY Finance. All you have to do pick a customer of your choice, set invoice date, payment terms and you’re good to go. Our product allows you to add as many lines as you want. Choose from over 100 currencies and attach notes and description with each invoice. The total amount is also shown with each invoice.

Convert quotations to invoice

With our app, you can convert any of your quotations into invoice with ease. Not only this, your quotation history is also saved, so whenever you feel the need to review all the quotations you have sent to different prospects all the data is saved in EZYFinance. Quotation history makes it easy to follow up and keep track of your work.